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How and when to start potty training. That is the big question. At some point in the life of every child and in the experience of every parent comes the long looked for yet intimidating prospect of potty training your child. But don’t panic. There is help. You do not have to go it alone.

The goal of this site is to take to drama and trauma out of potty training by providing you with the information, the tips and tricks that will not only make the task as simple and easy as possible, but also make it enjoyable for the child, and maybe even for the parent.

This site goes above and beyond the simple presentation of standard potty training techniques. Here you will also find potty training tips and tricks for special needs children. – Children with various behavioral and mental disorders, the visual and hearing impaired, those with various physical handicaps, etc. 

Beyond this, you will also find toilet training info for your pets, that is, those other kids.

In some cases there may be various medical conditions such as gastrointestinal problems, etc., that will impact the potty training process. But concerning the medical, I will not be providing medical advice. That is outside the scope of this web site. If you see or suspect a medical condition that may affect the potty training process, I would urge you to consult a medical professional.

It is my hope that you will find this information both timely and useful.

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