Best Bed Wetting Alarms

What is a bed wetting alarm, and do they work? Night time potty training is distinct from Day time potty training, but there are tools to help you, one of these being Bed Wetting Alarms. And yes, bed wetting alarms really do work, and are considered to be among the best and most effective means … Read more

How to Litter Train a Kitten

How to litter train a kitten. It is not very difficult as in reality all you are doing is making sure your new pet has everything it needs to do what kittens do naturally. But still there are some things you need to do. Kittens by nature understand how to use a litter box. They … Read more

Nighttime Potty Training | Can it be Done?

OK, so your child is potty trained, at least for the daytime hours. But what about at night as the child sleeps? Chances are that your potty trained child is still wetting their bed at night. But that is normal. Nighttime bladder control is very different from daytime bladder control. Is nighttime potty training possible? … Read more

What is Potty Training?

Mom and son

Potty training, also know as toilet training, is basically the process of teaching someone, presumably a small child, how to properly use a toilet. Nobody knows how long ago parents began potty training their children, but children’s potties are known from are far back as the 6th century A.D, and chamber pots, which could be … Read more