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A Buyers Guide to Bed Wetting Alarms

A Ten Point Checklist for Buying a Bed Wetting Alarm

So, you are considering getting a Bed Wetting alarm for your child, but you are not quite sure which one to get.  There are a few basic things to look for when making a decision.Bed Wetting Alarm

While there are many different styles of bed wetting alarms, most all work about the same way. They have a moisture sensor that clips to the child’s underwear and an alarm that may or may not be connected by a wire that either clips to the shoulder of the child’s pajamas or straps on to their arm like a watch.

While the basics are pretty much the same from one brand or style of bed wetting alarm to another, not all are created equal, and there are few things you should consider before making your purchase.

The following are some things, not necessarily in order of importance, that you should consider when choosing a bed wetting alarm.

First of all, consider the cost. Just because a bed wetting alarm is expensive does not mean it works any better than a cheaper one. And just because a bed wetting alarm is cheap does not mean it is not as good or better than a more expensive one.

As a general rule, try to keep the cost below $100.00.

Second, does it come with a Money back/Return policy. Even the best of devices can have problems at times. A good reputable company should be willing to refund or replace a defective device.

Third, is it easy to attach and remove from the child? Being able to remove a bed wetting alarm easily is just as important as being able to attach it. Why. Because when the child sets off the alarm in the middle of the night, you will need to be able to remove it, clean and dry it, before reattaching it to clean dry underwear and pajamas.

Also, ideally in the course of time you will want your child to be able to do these tasks themselves. So, quick and simple on and off is a big plus in selecting a bed wetting alarm.

Fourth, you want a bed wetting alarm that is easily cleaned and disinfected.

Fifth, once the bed wetting alarm is attached it should be secure. You do not want an alarm that is going to fall of during the night as the child tosses and turns.

Sixth, if the wetness sensor is attached to the alarm by a wire, you want to make sure that it is a good fit for your child. It should not be too short.

Seventh, you want a bed wetting alarm that will be sensitive to tiny amount of pee, but which also will not go off with because of a little perspiration.

Eighth, comfort. Yes, comfort. You wan the device to be comfortable for your child to wear. If it is not comfortable your child may resist wearing it at nights.

Ninth, you want an alarm that is reliable and durable. You want a bed wetting alarm that will keep working through the training period, not only with normal use, but also if dropped on the floor.

Tenth, a choice of alarms types. Most alarms allow you to vary the volume of the alarm and gives you a choice of several audio alarms to choose from, as well as vibration and flashing lights.

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