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What is Potty Training?

Mom and son

Potty training, also know as toilet training, is basically the process of teaching someone, presumably a small child, how to properly use a toilet.

Nobody knows how long ago parents began potty training their children, but children’s potties are known from are far back as the 6th century A.D, and chamber pots, which could be used as training potties, are known from even more ancient times. We also do not know what methods the ancients used to potty train their children.

Is There a Best Method?

There is no scientific study as to what is the best toilet training technique, and methods of toilet training can vary from one culture to another. The methods that have been passed down to us, that are most commonly used today, are those that parents through trial and error have generally found to be effective.

Mom and son

This is good news for the parent trying to potty train their child. There is no one set of rules that you have to follow. The methods suggested are flexible, and can be adapted to meet the specific needs or circumstances of any child or parent. The point is, there is no one right approach to potty training.

The best approaches to potty training are probably those that take into account both the child’s psychological and physical readiness. Although a child may begin to physically sense their need to go as early as one year of age, they probably will not be able to consciously control their bowel or bladder movements until they are at least 18 months old. In the case of special needs children, physical or mental developmental delays or disabilities may not only delay a child’s readiness for potty training, but also extend the time needed to potty train the child. However the fundamental principles of potty training will in many cases, with some modification, remain the same.

There Are Many Resources Available to You

There are today a wide variety of products available to assist the parent in toilet training their child. These range from a wide array of training potties and seat reducers, some coming with special features for special needs children, to specialized clothing for the potty trainee to wear, to various educational and incentive products designed to motivate and educate the child during the potty training process.

On the Lighter Side

Toilet training can become stressful for both parent and child, so, let’s have a little bit of fun with it. Since no one knows when or how potty training began, we can let our imagination tell us the story. So, in our imagination let’s go back, back, way back to the beginning of all potty training. Maybe you can have a bit of fun with your own child and invent your own story of how it all began. Let your child’s imagination run wild, and post their stories in the comment section below.









Now I would like you to meet your expert guide, Gogg, the genius inventor of the training potty, who is attempting to explain to Grandpa, what toilet training is all about.

“What’s all this fuss about potty training,” asks Grandpa. “And, what the heck is potty training?”

“I am glad you asked,” said Gogg, genius inventor of the training potty, “Potty training is how you teach a small child, how to properly use the toilet when they need to go.”

“How to use a what?”

“A toilet, Grandpa. You know, the place you go when you need to go.”

“Go where? Where am I going to go? Nobody told me I was going somewhere. Are we moving?”

“No Grandpa, we are not moving. A toilet is where you go when you go.”

“So a toilet is a place where we go when we need to go only we are not really going anywhere?”

“Sigh. No Grandpa. What I mean is a toilet is where you go when you need to pee or poop.”

“Why didn’t you just say so? So potty training is teaching children they have to go somewhere special just to poop and pee? Why, back in my day we did not have any of this fancy dancy potty training stuff. Why back then when we needed to go we just …“

“Yes, I know grandpa.”

“Well I don’t know what this new generation is coming to, and what is that round thingy your working on?

“I am glad you asked. This is my new and improved potty for training. Unlike the old version this one has a hole in the middle.”

“What are you going to do with all of your old hole-less ones?“

Why, I am going to call them stools. It’s a new revolutionary invention of mine.”

“He-he. Stool. That’s a good name for them. Have you ever seen one after it has been used?”

“No, not that kind of stool. I mean something you can step up on to help you reach higher.”

“Then why don’t’ you just call them stepper upper thingies? Say, you know, if you take your new fangled dangled training potty and stand it on its side it would make a neat round rolling thingy.”

“That is why I am the genius and you are not. Who would ever want a round rolling thingy?  That’s just plain silly. What could anybody ever do with a round rolling thingy? What could it ever use it for?”

“Well, I guess you are right. A round rolling thingy would be quite useless.”

“But now, let’s get back to the topic of toilet training. With my new and improved training potty with a hole in the middle, toilet training will be a lot less messy than it used to be. Modern inventions like this have revolutionized the entire toilet training process.”

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